Why voyager?

Because Sleep Matters 🙂


You can't add reliability to an unstable platform. You have to design it in from the start.


Built-in Integration for one of the widest selections of third party software and hardware in any imaging automation tool



Your images, taken your way. Easily customize your night's automation with a drag and drop sequencing tool.


The Keys to Reliable Automated Imaging


Our flagship product, Voyager orchestrates your hardware and software for reliable, unattended all-night astro imaging


Need integration of your non-ASCOM dome, relays, switches or pulse-width modulated devices?  Viking does it all

Voyager Pricing

Voyager is our flagship automated astro imaging product


per month
Free Demo Version (Sequences Limited to 60 minutes)
Convert at any time to 45 day free trial version


per life
Lifetime license installed on up to 3 machines
One year of support and updates
Two remote calls* within 3 months from license activation to assist with installation and configuration
Two additional remote calls* to assist with creation and verification of your automation DragScript
*Remote calls by Skype or WhatsApp, time must be arranged in advance by email
€ 29 Annual Support and Updates Fee after first year


per month
Check out Voyager Array for Industry Leading Multiple Telescope Control
Have an advanced requirement for your observatory?
Custom versions of Voyager can be created including support for multiple telescope arrays
Contact us with your requirements


Read What Our Customers Are Saying



“I used to babysit my equipment to ensure that I would have usable data in the morning. Since switching to Voyager, I image with the confidence that I will get good data every time. And I’m getting more sleep”


“VOYAGER transformed my backyard observatory in an imaging robot, runs automatically and efficiently… sky rocketed the level of my hobby.”


“Voyager’s multiple scope server/client capabilities have allowed us to control our 4-scope widefield array (four telescopes on one mount) by synchronizing target acquisition, autofocus and image acquisition. Without this automation we would have been required to manually control all four telescopes throughout every imaging session.”


If you're playing around in the backyard then many other packages will mostly work, but if it absolutely positively has to work 24/7/365 then Voyager is your only option

“In my personal quest to gather high quality photographs of all of the 2300+ DSO’s visible from my remote dark site within my lifetime, I have a total of 8 C14’s and 5 C11’s all of which gather images every night from sundown to sunup that the weather cooperates, moving from target to target like a swarm of “sky-roomba’s”.  These telescopes have to run remotely without fail, day after day and the software controlling them has to be absolutely rock solid reliable as well as give me the flexibility to control all of the actions a remote telescope needs to be able to take.  For me cost is not really a factor but reliability and flexibility are paramount and Voyager delivers that in spades.  I have worked with literally every other package out there, ranging from freeware to costing hundreds, and Voyager continues to exceed my expectations at every turn.  The support is superb, the developer has several times added features to the program that I’m quite certain I’m the only one who uses and Voyager remains my go-to control package … If you’re playing around in the backyard then many other packages will mostly work, but if it absolutely positively has to work 24/7/365 then Voyager is your only option.”

ABout us

Voyager is built by and for astro-imagers like you

Leonardo Orazi

Voyager is Leo’s baby.  He’s a professional software developer
and the architect of 
Voyager’s insanely reliable
imaging automation

Rowland Archer

Rowland maintains the Wiki
and website and has four decades
of software industry experience

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