Viking is Smart I/O Control Automation

Take Control of Your Observatory’s I/O Devices

Viking provides both a standalone GUI and seamless integration with Voyager for control and automation of your observatory’s I/O devices.

Viking has built-in support for:

  • Multiple Relay Cards:  read status and set on/off
  • Digital (on/off) and Analog Input status 
  • PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) device:  read status and set value
  • DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion) device:  read status and set value

Viking contains an application server for both local and LAN-based programmatic control



Viking Status

Wide Variety of Devices Supported

Custom Device Driver Support Also Available or Write Your Own

Viking supports a wide variety of devices off the shelf:
  • DENKOVI – Internet / Ethernet Relay Board 12 Channel – I/O, SNMP, Web
  • DENKOVI – SmartDEN-IP 16R
  • KMTronic – LAN / Ethernet WEB
  • KMTronic – LAN / Ethernet UDP
  • MyHome – Open Protocol for Electric Networks
  • DragonFly ASCOM from Lunatico
  • DragonFly COM from Lunatico
  • FireFly ASCOM from Lunatico
  • FireFly COM from Lunatico
  • GCE – IPX-800 – 8 relay board
  • TecnoSky – TecnoShelter I/O Card
  • PegasusAstro – Ultimate PowerBox
  • Velleman P8055
  • Velleman VM140

Need something not on this list?  Contact Us or write your own!

Viking I/O device selection

Total Control Automation with DragScript

Set Outputs and Read Inputs with DragScript

Get control of your automation using Voyager’s proprietary, zero-coding drag and drop automation tool, DragScript.  Whatever can be done with Viking can be done from your automation sequence:
  • Set Values
  • Read Status
  • Wait for Status to Reach a Value
  • Make Decisions Based on Values
Viking Drag & Drop

Viking Screen Shots

Viking Status
Viking Inputs



Viking PWM
Pulse Width Modulation
Viking DAC
Digital to Analog Conversion
Viking Automation
MyHome Automation
Viking Application Server
Application Server
Viking I/O device selection
I/O Device Support
Viking Settings
Viking Settings
Viking Info
Version & License Info
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